A Full House is the first and only secret level of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


  • 1 - from lift go right to door next to RED Access Card lock
  • next to monitors is a button, then push another button that opened
  • 2 - go to to lift on other side of level (2 black jack tables have buttons -reveal goodies)
  • 3 - on level 2 jump into water fall / fountain get RED Access Card,  hit button & your back to the start.
  • 4 - unlock RED Access Card lock, explore toilets & vents for goodies
  • at the karaoke bar hit button on wine glass cabinet (on the side)
  • ride lift, explore pools, get BLUE Access Card, go back to karaoke bar
  • 5 - on level 2 unlock  BLUE Access Card lock (use vending machine),
  • get to kitchen crawl through dish washing vent (surrounded by pipes) hit button
  • open door for yellow Access Card (hit fan over cooker to open other door)
  • 6 - on level 2, go right to vent next to YELLOW Access Card lock for goodies
  • 7 - on level 2,  unlock YELLOW Access Card lock
  • 8 - Grab all goodies & get to the boat

Secrets Edit

This level doesn't have any official secret areas. However, search literally everywhere to find goodies. Under tables at restaurant, behind snack machines, behind slot machines, behind subwoofer, air vents and so on. Even behind one of the security monitors.

Probably trickiest "secret" of this level is the locked cold room in the kitchen, same place where is the Yellow Access Card. To enter the room where you can see the Ice Crusher, shoot one of the ventilators above the stove. Jump to the air vent and get the access to the cold room.


The buttons under the gaming tables are used to alert security in casinos


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