The Alien Lord's dialog picture

The Alien Lord is the fourth and final boss in Duke Nukem Advance. He is encounted in episode 4 level 7.



The Alien Lord is the leader of the alien group behind the events of Duke Nukem Advance. He is a large greenish/greyish alien with red armour. His portrait depicts his skin as dark, but his in-game sprites appear to be more greenish. His two main attacks are fire-balls and Mental blasts. He can also take a lot of punishment. He has four eyes that sometimes glow yellow.


Shortly after Duke Nukem shuts down the Alien Ships cooling system causing the reactor to become unstable which would ultimately destroy the ship the Alien Lord contacts Duke Nukem and General Graves issuing a final challenge to Duke Nukem telling him he has one of the Jenny clones and declaring that though the ship will blow up he will get the satisfaction of seeing Duke Nukem dying with it. After being contacted by him Duke Nukem goes through the ship to find him. After blasting his way through several aliens he will come to a circular room where the Alien Lord is waiting. The Alien Lord will be in the yellow pool of acid (which is harmful to Duke) and Duke will be on the outer circular path. The Alien Lords two attacks are fireballs and a mental blast which he can fire quite quickly. The Alien Lord never leaves the yellow acid pool so it effectively gives the player the advantage of using explosive weapons such as the RPG with little or no fear of damaging themselves and in addition they can circle the boss and use the pillars for cover which is vital considering the amount of punishment the boss can take. The battle revolves around strafing to dodge his attacks and firing at him. Once Duke kills him he gets the card he needs to free the final Jenny clone.


  • He is the only boss that contacts Duke Nukem before an actual encounter.
  • His portrait depicts his skin as grey but his sprites skin looks to be greenish.
  • His face resembles a member of Rodian race from "Star Wars".

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