The Beach Babe is one of the new "enemies" introduced in Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach. It is first encountered in the level and at the beginning of Caribbean Catastrophe. They are harmless, female "enemies".

Description Edit

The Beach Babe, though listed as an enemy in the end-of-the-level results screen, she is no threat at all to the player. They can be found on the seaside or in rooms. They simply wander around the area while saying a few lines. The lines include:

  • "Duke..."
  • "You got such a big muscle."
  • "Watch where you point that thing!..." (this is told in playful/a naughty manner)
  • "Hey! Watch where you point that thing!" (this is told in an angry/upset tone)

It seems that they know Duke already. If Duke gets closer to them, they will start following him. When they are attacked, they will move at an increased speed and endlessly scream as well as yelling one of these two lines:

  • "You're ruining my vacation!"
  • "Help me, Duke!"

They can climb up on some objects, like tables to follow Duke. They even enter the water. They are not affected by the sight of monsters or shootings. If shot, they may run into the water (like in a pool) and sink, where they will run underwater still screaming for help, with a drowning sound.

Appearance Edit

They are tall, blonde, young white women, wearing a bikini (which come in various colors) and black sunglasses. They are blonde and have black sunglasses just like Duke.

Combat analysis Edit

  • Best weapon choice: Any (kick/pistol/shotgun are best for this);
  • Worst weapon choice: Explosives, since they would be considered a waste of ammo, and can also damage the player's health;

Beach Babes do not inflict any damage but they can be considered an annoyance. They want to follow Duke around. Other enemies can harm them also, like when fighting Duke.

If the player don't want to kill those innocent people, only one single kick or shot from the pistol is enough to make them move away from Duke.

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