This is a walkthrough for Dark Side; the Eighth level in Lunar Apocalypse. This is based on Let's Rock.


Dark Side starts off like a couple of the previous levels , inside a small room with a door in front of you. Open the door to reveal an area where an Enforcer is guarding several slimer eggs off to your left. The Best idea in this case is to send a pipebomb or a rocket their way to take everything out at once or simply go to the lift and ignore them altogether. You'll see the lift not so long after going through the door at the start. Take the lift down. At the bottom of the lift, you will see a darkened corridor. Make your way through the doors in front of you once you deal with the enemies down here. You will be left on a courtyard.

Go into the inside of the courtyard, and take a left and go down that corridor and open a door marked "Alpha Transport". You will see a switch on the wall right inside the door. This will call a train to your location. When it arrives, kill the troopers inside it; and then flip the switch inside the train which will set it in motion to take it to the other side of the track.

When you exit the train, make your way down the corridor in front of you. You will see a room with several tripmines scattered through the room.

You will need to go into the room to set off the tripmines, but don't hang about in the room, or you'll get blown up. Trigger the explosion and go wait at the end of the corridor here. After the room has finished being reshapen make your way across to the other side, and go through the door.

When you come through the door, you are presented with three paths you can go. A room on the left, a room on the right, or straight through. The straight path is a locked door, and the path to the right will give you a medkit and some pipebombs, but the way you want to go is to the left. On that side of the room are several troopers. Take them out. Once you've done that, you need to make your way through a small passageway in the computer panels.

Once you crawl into the passage way you'll be on a conveyor belt, you will go travel up the belt and on the way there will be several large crushing pillars you need to make your way by and timing is important here.

Once you get by the crushing pillars, you will drop off into a red area. You will end up in some water. Surface, and you will encounter an Octrabrain or two you need to dispose of. There's also some underwater, but those can be more easily avoided; however the ones underwater are more than likely the first you'll see since you'll usually end up underwater after falling.

Once you're done with the combat, find a lift in the corner. Call it down, take out the trooper that's on it, and go back up. After opening the door at the top, you will find a room with a table in the middle; of note a dead pig cop is found on that table.

At the far end of the room by a computer is the blue access card. When you take the card, several doors with slimers behind them will open up, and some Enforcers will come through the door that was locked earlier, forcing you to fight your way out. Once you've fought your way through all this, head out through the Exit door which has now been unlocked presumably by the enforcers. This Exit Door is the same door in the middle room you couldn't open earlier.

Once you head up through the exit door, you need to make your way back to the train you used to get here. There will be more Enforcers to deal with on the way.

Get back on the train, and take it back to the other side. Get out, and make your way back to the central area of the start of the level. It is here where you will need to use the blue access card. Unlock the door which is quite close to the Alpha Transport Door, and take the lift up.

At the top of the lift is a small room. At the far side is a trooper and a door. Beyond that door you see a walkway that you can take either left or right.

It doesn't matter which way you go from here, both paths end up in the same place, which is by another train station and a switch.

Flip the switch, and call the train to your position. Get on it, and ride it to the other side. Once there, you will find yourself at the top of a lift. You can jump down there or use the lift to head onto the next part of the passageway.

At the bottom of the lift there is a door to go through. If you enter into this hallway, it will start exploding around you and several enforcers will jump out of the blasted walls; it's a wonder how they got in there in the first place? . Once you make it through the hallway, you will come across a large room with a switch. Flipping the switch will raise a path out of the floor that you will need to go across to get to the next part of the level. Several Octabrains will try and knock you off, so take care here and be wary of the sneaky sentry drones; nothing worse than getting ambushed by them.

Once you pass over this, you will need to follow the hallway on the other side. After you get through the hallway, you will run into a door. Once you get through that door several things will happen.

The back side of this room contains an assault commander who will try to attack you when you get into the room. Once you actually make it to the back of the room, there will be another one. Take them both out, and then collect the Devastator on the floor. After that, you need to open the large double doors. It will reveal a computer core that you need to blow up.

Once you blow up the core, you will need to move out of the way immediately, as this part of the room will explode, and the floor will be blasted upwards; alternatively if you have the jetpack you don't have to blow up the computer core at all as you can just fly up to where the card is and leave.

Go up the newly formed ramp and get the yellow access card. Once you do that, you will need to go back on the path you used to get here and make your way back to the train. More troopers and Enforcers will be in your way, of course.

Get back to the train, and take it back to the central area at the start of the level. You will need to make your way to the yellow access card door; 'Beta Transport'.

Once through, you will call a third train down to where you are. Take it and go down to the other side where you will have to take out several troopers outside the train door. You could even send a pipebomb up on the train before boarding; use the nearby security camera and watch them explode when you detonate it and then call the train back.

Once out of the train, head down the corridor, taking out the resistance. The end of this corridor will lead to a room that has an airlock, and a supply cabinet. Take some of the supplies, and then head out the airlock; the airlock has two doors; the switch at the desk and in the airlock close one door and open the other so both will never be open at the same time.

When you're outside you will see a large section of the moon, a nice view of earth, a tower and a forcefield in the distance however not so long after getting out a lot of sentry drones will swarm down from the top of the tower and you'll have to fight all of them; so use extreme caution and try to kill them as quickly as possible as two will be more than enough to take a way a lot of your health; they are too dangerous to ignore so it's best to take them out now before going up the tower unless you want a nasty surprise when you come out of the tower. Fortunately there's plenty of space to work with to make outrunning them easier during combat. You're best to stay on the move as if you stay still you've signed your death warrant.

Once you defeat them , you will need to make your way to the lift at the base of the tower the sentry drones emerged from. The lift will leave you at the base of a very tall, dark ramp. Make your way up into the central room, and take out the aliens. You will need to flip the switch on the right side of the shot here. It will open the blue area immediately to the left of the switch, as well as drop a forcefield a bit further in the level that you might've seen already. You can get back down the same way you came up, or you can jump in the hole. Jumping is much faster, but you will lose quite a bit of health

Make you way over to the deactived forcefield that's directly in front of the airlock you came through to get to the big outside area. Behind the forcefield is a Mini Battlelord that you've probably already seen on the security cameras or maybe you came up to the forcefield and taunted him before deactivating it?

Once you defeat the Mini Battlelord , you will need to make your way through the narrow path he was in. This will eventually lead you to an area where you will see a crack on the wall, as well as an assault commander. Take him out, and if the crack did not get blown up during combat, do so. It is the way to continue on in the level.

Past this crack is a very narrow, very dark path you need to wind your way through. It will eventually leave you in a room with a black monolith in the middle. Go to the side of the monolith that's facing the lights and go through. You'll now be teleported to an Alien Chamber which is presumably on board the Overlord's ship.Make your way through the chamber by following the path, and you will find a pool of water at the end of the path; there's some octabrains lurking in this chamber too; once you're done looking around jump in the water; press the auto-destruct and it's onto Overlord. or if you want to do the secret level as soon as you arrive via the Monolith look at the upper wall to the left; you should see a crack; blast it and go through the hole in the wall that will lead you to the secret exit for Lunatic Fringe;your choice.

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