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Caribbean Catastrophe WalkthroughEdit

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Caribbean Catastrophe secretsEdit

  • Secret 1 - near reception desk, jump in water, get pineapple bombs & scuba gear
  • Secret 2 - use gift shop cash register, wall open. holoduke, pearl ( atomic ) health
  • Secret 3 - near reception desk, gift shop, then bar, atm & snack machine, open hall way, jump to fence with ledge, find window with eggs inside
  • Secret 4 - near reception desk, use pay phone on lowest level, next to lift,open wall, health bananas    ( pack)
  • Secret 5 - near reception desk, use vent (with a jetpack if you have one) crawl to outside fly over fence get voodoo ring ( shink ray)
  • Secret 6 - near reception desk, from apartment fridge switch, jump out barless window, get BLUE KEY, shoot vent top for RPG, hit hidden switch on vent between wall, open wall, another RPG
  • Secret 7 - IN BAR, go down stairs,  use broken  pay phone, open wall, another RPG ammo
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