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The Doctor Who Cloned Me is a downloadable content pack for Duke Nukem Forever featuring an all new single-player campaign, new enemies, new weapons as well as 4 new multiplayer maps. It was released on December 13, 2011.

For players who also have Hail to the Icons Parody Pack, will also be able to play new game modes: Freeze Tag, Hot Potato and Hail to the King.

The single-player features the return of Duke Nukem's old nemesis Dr. Proton, who is cloning Duke Nukem with the use of cyborgs in order to create a powerful army to rule the world and replace the true and original of the protagonist.


The single-player DLC begins immediately after the events of Duke Nukem Forever in which Duke Nukem was kidnapped by Dr. Proton after the press conference. The level begins with Duke tied to a chair about to be executed by a Dukeinator cyborg. Duke counters the Dukeinator's attempt at execution and instead executes the cyborg himself. Duke then finds out he was held by Proton and vows to find him. Duke then discovers he's in Area 51, and ventures underground to find a massive facility, fighting his way through Dukeinators and Aliens. There, he discovers Dr Proton's plan: create an army of Dukeinators with all the abilities and attitude of the real Duke and use them to destroy the alien invasion, kill the real Duke Nukem, and then take over the world for himself. Duke then disguises himself as one of the Dukeinators in order to get closer to Proton, but is discovered by Proton to be the real Duke after passing every test with ease. Duke cuts a swath of destruction through the Dukeinators while making his escape, angering Proton.

After escaping, Duke meets his thought-to-be-dead friend Captain Dylan, who assists him in getting to Dr. Proton. Finally meeting face-to-face, Duke confronts, fights, and finally kills Dr. Proton by ripping his head off. General Graves then contacts Duke and Dylan, informing them that an Alien Empress is nesting on the moon and also tells them that a teleporter is used to get to the moon and back. Duke and Dylan fight their way to the surface and join Graves in escaping Area 51 via a Triptych school bus.

Graves departs for EDF HQ and orders Duke and Dylan to get to the teleporter by going through an old brothel called the "Burning Bush". After doing some favors for the Burning Bush's owner, Duke and Dylan are directed to the teleporter's location. However, upon finding the teleporter, Duke and Dylan discover that only one man can be sent through the teleporter. Duke goes through while Dylan stays behind in the brothel.

Duke arrives at the moon base to find that the Aliens have once again been abducting Earth's women. He then commandeers a moon rover and ventures across the lunar surface to confront the Alien Empress, supreme ruler and breeder of the entire hostile alien race. After a tense battle, Duke finally kills the Alien Empress by ramming the moon rover down her throat and through her body.

Duke then returns to the lunar base, frees the abducted women and is seen with the women at the teleporter ending the DLC with Duke quipping "Today's a good day to bet on Duke. Dont worry ladies, my friend will have this thing open in no time."

Once on Earth, Duke and Dylan parted ways to have fun with the grateful women. At the Burning Bush, Dylan is heard having rough sex with his girlfriend Sally while a notepad displaying the end credits is seen shaking against the door, with Dylan finally saying "Awww man, outta ammo!!!".


New Weapons


New Vehicles

Moon Rover
School Bus

New Enemies

Dr. Proton
Suicide Drones
Alien Empress


So far, response to the DLC has been mostly positive from both fans and critics, with fans praising the return of Dr. Proton, new space levels and better written character script.

Critics have been very positive of the DLC: Team Xbox Rated it a 7/10, Electronic Theatre gave it a 80/100, Eurogamer gave it a 5/10 calling it "definite improvement".

Although GameSpy gave it a negative review of 1.5/5, it never stopped people from buying the DLC.


  • Dr. Proton communicates with Duke through the use of TV monitors, the same way he did in Duke Nukem 1.
  • The Duke clones (Dukeinators) are a reference to the T-800 Terminator.
  • The scene where a Dukeinator asks Duke to say "I've got balls balls balls balls of Steel" is a reference to the Duke Nukem Ventrilo Harassment youtube video .
  • Many of the DLC single-player levels were simply cut levels from the current build of Duke Nukem Forever as confirmed by George Broussard.
  • The room at the beginning of the DLC is a spin-off of the interrogation room in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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