The shareware version of Duke Nukem 3D is a free demo that can currently be downloaded from the 3D Realms website. In the past it has also been available on CD. The demo was originally released on 29th January 1996 while the full version was released in May 1996. The demo includes the complete episode of L.A. Meltdown and it even features the fight with the Battlelord. Enemies and weapons encountered in the demo include everything that can be found in this episode. The demo is also notable for having a surprisingly lengthy amount of gameplay; especially in comparsion to recent demos in other games. Every item is available in the demo since they have all appeared at one stage or another in L.A. Meltdown.

Enemies encountered in the demoEdit

Weapons available in the demoEdit


  • The demo features the entire episode of L.A. Meltdown.


  • A Laser Gun is mentioned as a weapon Duke can use in the How To Order Duke Nukem 3D section for the full version and it is also mentioned in one of the promotional screenshots but in the full version of Duke Nukem 3D the weapon in question is not present. However it should be noted the demo came out in January 29, 1996 while the full game came out in May 1996 which would explain the Laser Gun's absence as it is most likely a concept they dropped during development of the full game.

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