This game is a port of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Differences Edit

  • Using a water fountain will restore 5 health, instead of 1.
  • Several quotes have been changed:
    • There is no "Mighty Foot Engaged" quote when using the Quick Kick.
    • The quotes are more coherent
    • The third weapon is called "Ripper" instead of "Chaingun Cannon."
    • The Atomic Health quote will display how much health increased as the other health items; etc.
    • Duke can only throw one pipe bomb at a time. If he tries to switch to another weapon, his only option will be the pistol which for some reason has zero bullets. Because of that, the game will automatically switch back to the detonator function of the pipe bomb.
    • Completing a chapter will unlock the secret levels. Any unlocked levels can be accessed after completing the previous level, so players can jump to whichever they want without cheating.
    • A rewind feature that allows players to undo any mistakes and continue from any point up to death.

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