Duke Nukem 3D 0.99 Beta Full.Edit

What is Duke Nukem 3D 0.99 Beta Full? Duke Nukem 3D 0.99 Beta Full are project that includes a shareware version of duke nukem 3d beta relealse which has a added full version episodes from v1.3d. But these maps are modified because it's not compatibile with v0.99 version. Also Space Suit and Flame Thrower apeears in this project version. This project is made by LakiSoft. Also known as TheLakiSoft2013 on youtube video site. Bug fixes also are maked for this version and can be downloaded seperate of original project. The download links can be found in section "Links". Bug fix include better USER.CON, some new sounds and modified maps for compatibile of this project. In original project only E2L8.MAP are compatibile. This project has a reason to back all scrapted stuff as Space Suit and Flamethrower.


Original Project:

Bug Fixes for it:

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