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Duke Nukem Mobile is the name of two games developed by MachineWorks Northwest. This article refers to the 3D first-person shooter. For the 2D side-scrolling game, see Duke Nukem Mobile.

Duke Nukem Mobile for the Tapwave Zodiac handheld console was released in May 2004. It is a first-person shooter in the style of Duke Nukem 3D, and re-uses weapon and enemy sprites from that game, but features original levels. It consists of 21 short levels set in locations such as streets, strip clubs, cemeteries, mansions and a futuristic dirigible. In order to pass from a level to the next it is necessary to kill the enemies that are present in the current level, until one of them drops a key card that will enable the access to the next level.





Logo for the mobile phone re-release

The game was re-released in 2005 for mobile phones, under the new title Duke Nukem Mobile 3D. This version features upgraded graphics such as polygonal enemies.

The game was re-released in 2007 for mobile phones, under the new title Duke Nukem Arena. It added a new survival game mode called Nukem Dead, pitting Duke against a series of incoming monsters. A up to 4-Player multiplayer Deathmatch mode where you can play as Duke, a paratrooper or a pigcop. You can also battle AI-controlled monsters in the ten Arena deathmatch levels


  • The game cover artwork is the same as the artwork Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project uses on its cover. The only exception being the 2007 re-release cover as the background has been changed but it still used the same Duke Nukem graphic except he's not holding the Desert Eagle.
  • It is possible to run a source port of the original Duke Nukem 3D on the Tapwave, similar to Doom.

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