The Duke Nukem Repository is a major site that hosts content in the Duke Nukem 3D community. The site is arguably one of the main reasons the Duke Nukem 3D map community is still immensely popular and still growing as a lot of the user maps are of really good quality. The site also has information on Duke Nukem I, Duke Nukem II and of course Duke Nukem 3D. All the downloadable content is geared towards Duke Nukem 3D and the site tends to provide a lot of vital information in relation to the levels and episodes the user wishes to download since some (especially recent ones) have their own requirements be it EDuke32 or Dukeplus and it's good for the user to have this information to get a map to work properly. Maps on the site are also reviewed and have their own rating, In addition to content being available to the user; there's also enough content to teach the user how to design their own levels.

Content available on the siteEdit

  • Single Player Maps
  • Dukematch levels
  • The odd (though very rare) level designed specifically for Co-op.
  • Episodes
  • New con's
  • Mod's
  • New tiles and art
  • Level editing tutorials
  • Various utilities to help users create their own content


Duke Nukem Repository

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