Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (Just Duke Nukem in the UK) contains all the enemies from Duke Nukem 3D plus some new ones which only feature in the exclusive Playstation episode 'Plug and Pray'. They are

Assault General: Can teleport and are slightly tougher.

Pig-in-a-Dress: Feamle pigs which fire dual pistols. Only found during Nightmare Zone.

Underwater Drone: Underwater drones are annoying as the Sentry Drones. Only found in Trackside Tragedy.

Ghost Enforcer: Smae as regular Enforcers but see through. Found in Gates Motel.

Zombie Pig Cop: Re-animated piggy's which fire dual pistols. Found in Gates Motel.

Magnum P.I.G.: Piggys dressed like Magnum P.I. Found in Ministry of Fear.


CyberKeef: The final boss - he's big, green & moves very quickly. Found in Ministry of Fear. The CyberKeef is a Gaint Cyborg/Robot that somewhat resembles Duke Nukem The CyberKeef resides in a disco club behind the curtains on the dance floor, the player can also fight with the CyberKeef outside the disco which will give the player an advantage and an easier fight with the CyberKeef by having more cover.

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