The Fem-Mechs are female Androids created by Mech Morphix for his plans of world domination. There are three variants of the Fem-Mech. One of which is not encountered till the closing stages of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project


Level 1 Fem-Mech

Duke will first encounter these enemies in the 2nd Part of "Rooftop Rebellion". They look somewhat similar to the babes Duke rescues throughout the game because they are apparently designed to impersonate Humans. The lvl 1 Fem-Mech is dressed in tight black leather, has a long blond pony tail, and carries a whip. She does about 10 damage with her Whip. These Fem-Mechs will usually roll up to Duke pushing him along the way and then slashing at him with their whip . The best tactics are to run away from her, jump over her, or wait until she reaches you and is about to slash at you, and then jump to avoid her. They are best dealt with at range.

Level 2 Fem-Mech

This variant of the Fem-Mech uses exactly the same tactics as the Level 1 Fem Mech. This variant has a long blond pony tail and wears a red leather suit. She is armed with a whip that crackles with electricity when she strikes Duke and it does 20 damage. Aside from having twice the punch of the level 1 Fem-Mech Duke can defeat the Level 2 Fem-Mechs in exactly the same way as the Level 1 Fem-Mechs as it's really just a matter of keeping his distance. The Level 2 Fem-Mech can take more punishement than the first variant.

Level 3 Fem-Mech

Duke first encounters the standard Level 3 Fem-Mechs on Morphix's space station which takes place during the final chapter "Orbital Oblivion".This variant of the Fem-Mech is the strongest and the most durable of the Fem-Mechs with the exception of the Level 3 Fem-Mech Boss Duke encounters just before reaching Morphix's space station. She looks very Robotic in comparsion to the previous variants; the top of her head is a light green colour, she has black wires along her body and her entire body is light Grey and the same applies to the Fem-Mech Boss' appearance . Her Electric Whip does about 30 damage. The tactics for defeating her are no different than the previous two variants but the consequences of not avoiding her attacks are a lot more fatal; however the gravity in space does make dodging her attacks easier depending on where Duke is located.

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