The Gator Grunt is an enemy in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. They are alligators that have consumed Morphix's G.L.O.P.P. and are now mutants in the service of his army. They are among the most agilitic enemies in the game. Like the Fem-Mech's it's best to try and take these enemies out at range.

Gator Grunt Level 1Edit

This variant of the Gator Grunt is first encountered in the first part of the second episode Chinatown Chiller. He wears a yellow and black Chinese Kung Fu suit and he is armed with Dual Pistols. He can also do a karate kick at close quarters. After he shoots you though he'll jump to try and avoid your fire, which is a good time to jump and kick him and then finish him off with gun fire. Each shot from his pistols takes out 12 hitpoints and the karate kick takes out 15 hitpoints. In most cases you'll almost always suffer some damage from this opponent and the tactics for fighting this variant can be effective against the other variants as well.

Gator Grunt Level 2Edit

This variant is a bit bigger and stronger than the lv1 variant. He wears a red Chinese kung fu suit and he wears a Chinese Straw Hat which helps to distinguish him from the lvl 1 Gator Grunt. He also carries twin pistols though the damage they deal is slightly less than those of the lvl 1 Gator Grunt. The lvl 2 Gator Grunt's pistols do 8 damage per shot. However his karate kick does 20 hitpoints which makes up for it.

Gator Grunt Level 3Edit

This variant of the Gator Grunt is only encountered a couple of times throughout the game; so the player rarely has to fight them. He looks similar to the LV2 variant except his kung fu suit is yellow and black as well as his straw hat being a different colour. He is armed with Dual Uzi's that do 4 damage per shot which may seem limited but because they can be fired in quick succession and for as long as he likes he can still deal significant damage to the player. His karate kick also takes away 16 hp. He also does kung fu maneuvers like small kicks jabs and punches on the player, if they get close enough to him; each close combat attack does about 4 damage; however it's done so fast that the player can lose quite a bit of health.

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