The Gorilla Captain (also known as the Mad Gorilla or simply The Gorilla), along with the King Cobra is one of two new enemies introduced in the Duke Nukem 3D Duke Xtreme expansion.


The Gorilla - A NEW monster. The Gorilla is a small boss 1, given he lobs Mortars and not bananas, watch out because this guy is fast! - Duke Xtreme Description

He is a gorilla with red shorts, a green combat top and a green beret. He has ammo wrapped around his top and his main and only armament is a mortar launcher.

He only appears in the Duke Xtreme levels if the option to include him is enabled.

Combat AnalysisEdit

His mortar attacks work in exactly the same way as the Battlelord's, but the difference is that the Gorilla Captain will always fire mortars no matter how close or far away the player is, since he has no other attacks and much like the Battlelords, there's no defined speed or limit and where the mortar is going to hit will be based around the player's position. According to his profile in the Duke Xtreme add on options menu his base health is somewhat lower than the Assault Commander however like the Assault Commander he can be likened to a mini boss.

Unlike regular bosses, however, the Gorilla Captain is vulnerable to the shrink ray.


  • He is compared to the Battlelord in the Duke Xtreme description due to his weapon.


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