The Groan is an enemy in the Duke: Nuclear Winter expansion.


It's a green female elf wearing a blue uniform and it has orange boots. It's also armed with a shotgun; the shotgun looks quite similar to the one the player uses.

Combat AnalysisEdit

Though it's considered easier to kill than the Grunt because of its lower rate of fire which means the player has a good chance of killing it before it even fires a single shot; its shotgun still packs quite a punch; depending on where the player is standing the damage could vary from little more than 5 up till approximately 30 damage because of the nature of the shotgun's scatter shots. Its shotgun is slightly weaker than the Pig Cops but the player shouldn't underestimate them as they can still take a good bit of health if the player is caught unaware; this is further complicated by the fact it makes no sounds whatsoever with the exception of firing its weapon. It should be noted the Groan appears to have slightly more health than the Grunt but it can be killed just as easily with the shotgun. Like the Pig Cop, this enemy is more effective when its closer to the player. When killed the Grunt sometimes drops a red present.

Weapon effectivenesses
Mighty Foot
7 kicks
10 shots
1 shot
Chaingun Cannon
8 shots
1 rocket
1 pipebomb
1 blast
Microwave Expander
6 shots
2 rockets
Laser Tripbomb
1 mine
5 shots
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: The Mighty Foot is effective but the player could lose quite a bit of health.
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