The Gunship is a new enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


Acting as a slower but heavier armored version of the aliens' air force, they are deployed in a few levels. They are larger than the Alien Fighters and also do more damage per shot with their lasers when compared to the Alien Fighters. When shot at, they emit a blue electricity arc over the entire ship. When heavily damaged, it will emit smoke.

The only way to kill it is to shoot it with turrets or explosive weapons much like fighting a boss. They are however, not bosses since they do not have a boss meter, have a lot less health than bosses, and are encountered more often than bosses.

Combat AnalysisEdit

It is recommended to fight behind cover as the Gunship has no way to attack behind it. As long as you are out of sight from the central part of the gunship it will not fire.

Using a RPG is the most effective way to kill gunships. Fire behind cover at the right wing, as since Duke holds the RPG on his right this allows easier shots behind cover without the gunship firing back. Locking on is not necessary before firing, as the gunship does not actively dodge RPG shots. Restock ammo when needed.


  • It fills a similiar role to the mini battlelords from Duke Nukem 3D as it's very durable but it doesn't count as a boss and can generally be viewed as a mini boss.
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