Hard Landing is the fourth episode in LameDuke. It has four levels, making it much smaller than the other episodes. There doesn’t seem to be a specific theme for this episode.


This level appears to be a city- themed room filled with areas scripted to be damaged from explosions, lots of Troops and a neat-looking reflection effect that doesn’t appear in the final game.This level is notable because it's the first appearance of the Sonic Resonator


This level consists of a small hallway that starts blowing up once the player starts walking. After jumping through a window into a plain yard, nothing else happens.


A very rough-looking space-themed level. Notable because it has one of the few Sonic Resonators in the game.


A copy of E4L2 with a different looking end yard.

Episodes Mrr Caliber | Mission Cockroach | Suck Hole | Hard Landing
Items Holoduke | Jetpack | Oxygen Tank | Shield | Steroids
Health: Soda Can | Six-pack
Weapons Tazer | Pistol | Plasma Cannon | Pipe Bomb | RPG | Sonic Resonator
Enemies Bat | Captain | Drone | Drone 2 | Mandroid
Jellyfish | Protozoid Slimer | Shark | Trooper | Turret

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