This is the walkthrough for Hollywood Holocaust, the first level in the episode L.A. Meltdown in Duke Nukem 3D.

This walkthrough is based on the Let's Rock (normal) difficulty.

Walkthrough Edit

You begin on a rooftop, having landed there after jettisoning from your ship. After watching it fly down and crash into a building, go to the other end of the rooftop and you'll see three exploding barrels and an air vent. Either shoot the barrels or shoot/kick the spinning fan, and the air vent is open. Drop down.

You'll take some damage from the fall, but there's a Large Medkit right where you land that replenishes almost all of the health lost. Quickly look to your right and you'll spot an Assault Trooper standing on a crate in the corner. Kill it. Behind the crate it was standing on is a Large Medkit, so pick it up to get some health back.

Jump up onto the crate, jump onto the sloped ledge, and then jump onto the higher ledge that crosses the road (underneath the "Innocent?" sign). This alone is the secret, but as a bonus there is an RPG that rises from a small hole in the middle of the ledge as you approach it, so you may as well pick it up.

From the sloped ledge in Secret 1, jump into the second or third black window from the right. You'll arrive in an L-shaped room, with a small bed and a box of RPG ammo on it. That RPG ammo is the second secret, but watch out for the Assault Trooper hiding around the corner.

This is inside Secret 2. Use the "Biker Bimbos" movie poster at the far end of the room to reveal some Steroids.

Continue around the street. A flying Assault Trooper will spawn from the flaming dumpster if you approach it. At the end of the street is an alley to the left, so follow it round until you get to a door. Another Assault Trooper is flying in the alleyway as you go round. The bin in the corner contains some Pistol ammo, so kick or shoot the bin to reveal it. Go in, and follow the corridor to another door. Open it.

Instead of entering the building through the door, go and look at the front of the movie theatre. You'll notice an Assault Trooper inside the ticket office there, so kill it. Peer into the room to see a crack on the inside wall. Stand back and fire an RPG rocket into the window to demolish that wall. Climb through the hole and you're in the foyer. Take cover in the ticket office to pick off an Assault Captain in the foyer. Once done, go through the doors to enter the lobby.

You're inside the cinema, but there's no time for a show. Kill the Assault Troopers in here, and if possible, the one shooting at you from the projection window (you'll be going into the projection room later anyway, so don't worry if you can't). Pick up the Armor at the far end of the screen, and the Pistol ammo hiding behind the door you entered from, and head into the halls at the rear of the cinema.

As you proceed down this hall, there will be a quake and part of a wall will explode. Ignore it, and proceed into the lobby, where there are some more Assault Troopers and an Assault Captain to greet you.

Use the cash register to open a hidden room high up in one of the walls of the lobby (to the right as you're standing behind the snack bar looking out). Go and stand underneath the hole and use the wall. A hidden platform will raise you up to the room, in which you'll find some Armor. Go back down and continue.

Behind the snack bar, go through the door on the right to find a Shotgun waiting for you. Look left and kill the Assault Trooper also waiting for you, then look back out of the door and kill the Assault Trooper that has emerged from a hidden room on the other side. Go into that room to find an Atomic Health.

From the lobby, go through the doors closest to where you entered the lobby from the cinema. The corridor behind it will quake and a fissure will open as you approach. There's a Large Medkit in the hole in the wall. Follow the corridor along and up some spiral stairs (mind the Assault Trooper waiting halfway up the stairs) to reach the projection room. Kill the Assault Troopers in here, and grab the Red Access Card sitting on the side.

Use the wall next to the fire extinguisher to the left of where you enter the projection room. The wall will open to reveal a hidden room with two Assault Troopers in it. Treat them as you do all the others, and pick up some Shotgun ammo. You'll also find a Slime Pod Babe who pleads for you to kill her. Do so or not; there is no penalty if you do.

From the lobby, go through the doors nearest to the snack bar, and you'll end up in a bathroom. Kill the Assault Troopers in here, including the one using the right-hand toilet cubicle (hilarious), and jump behind the couch to grab some Shotgun ammo. Jump up on top of the cubicles and find the Portable Medkit around the left hand side. Break the ventilation shaft grill and go through. You'll end up in the hidden room in Secret 5.

Jump up onto the projector for an Atomic Health. When you do, the end wall of the projection room will open to reveal an Assault Trooper and an RPG.

If you use the switch next to the window looking into the cinema, then the lights will dim and the curtains will open to reveal the movie currently being played. You will want to do this if you want to reach Secret 7 and to find an easy way to reach Secret 8. Otherwise, don't bother, and return to the lobby with your Red Access Card in hand.

Once you've opened the curtains in the cinema, notice the crack in the screen. Blow it up with an explosive weapon (probably your RPG) to produce a hole. Go down there (either go back down the stairs and around, or simply drop down through the hole) and go through the hole. There are two Assault Troopers in the small long room back there, as well as 2 lots of Shotgun ammo and a wonderful Jetpack. You'll need this Jetpack to easily access Secret 8; it's also a useful and fun device anyway.

From the lobby, follow the small corridor around to reach the lift to the arcade. An Assault Trooper waits on the lift, so don't let it take you by surprise. Take the lift up, and kill the Assault Troopers in there. If you're feeling adventurous, shoot the exploding barrels to make the whole room blow up - you can take cover behind the small wall in front of the lift.

Your Red Access Card will fit nicely into the lock on the door at the far end of the arcade. Put it in and go through to find a small room with a crate and some Shotgun ammo. If you venture too close to the wall on the right it will explode, so be careful. When it does, a Pig Cop will burst through, so take care of it. Go through the hole, turn left and kill another Pig Cop at the end of the corridor. Go through the door where it used to be, to find yourself outside.

From Secret 7, break the window at the end of the corridor and jump out. You can use your Jetpack to quickly get up to the bridge from there. If you do, the Pig Cop that usually lurks there won't have spawned yet.

You'll be assaulted by a Pig Cop on the other side of the bridge, so take care of it.

The last secret of this level. You can either drop down to the alley (if you have your Jetpack) or follow the ledge around back into the street. There's a hidden window you can climb through just next to the cinema sign, but it's a bit too high to jump from the ledge. You can either use your Jetpack from Secret 7 to get into it the easy way, or try the hard method, which is to jump onto the palm tree and then through the window. The small room you've just jumped into has been dubbed "Duke's Apartment", and it contains a [[Pipebomb (DN3D)
box of Pipebombs]], a Shotgun, a Chaingun Cannon and an RPG. Lucky you. E1L1-8

Cross the bridge and approach the Level Exit Nuke. It's protected by a pane of glass, but you can shoot or kick it. Use the Level Exit Nuke to end the level.

Tips Edit

  • You can go outside from Secret 7 up to the bridge, and quickly finish the level, but you'll miss out on a number of kills, including the Pig Cop that usually lurks on the ledge on the other side of the bridge - it only spawns when you go the other way.

Other features Edit

  • The mirror in the bathroom can be interacted with. Duke will comment on his appearance. The same is true for all mirrors in the game.
  • Using the toilet is one way to replenish your health. You can then smash it and drink the water that fountains out to regain health another way. Similarly, you can smash the fire hydrant in the street and drink the water that sprays out to regain health.
  • Bins often contain items like health or ammo. Metal bins (usually placed outside) can be destroyed by kicks or any weapon. Plastic bins (usually placed inside) can only be destroyed by explosions, and are less likely to have items inside.
  • In the lobby, jump on the trash can next to the arcade sign, and use the wall there. A section of the wall just above you opens to reveal some Pipebombs, a Small Medkit and a pair of Night Vision Goggles.
  • There is a crack on the corner of the vent connecting the bathroom to Secret 5. That corner can be blown open by an explosion to reveal a Holoduke.
  • From Secrets 2 and 3, drop out of the window at the opposite end to the one you entered this room. You'll end up on a sloped ledge. At the far end of the ledge is an Atomic Health.
  • You can fly very high in the street outside (with the Jetpack). Fly up above the bridge leading to the end, and you'll find some Turrets and a ledge with some Shotgun ammo and a new Jetpack. You can free-fall your way back down, using the Jetpack only at the last moment to slow yourself, in order to save Jetpack fuel.
  • The cinema is showing the film "Attack of the Bleached Blonde Biker Bimbos". Several letters on the front of the cinema have either fallen off, are in red, or are replaced by numbers. Posters for this film appear in various places throughout the game.
  • Behind your starting location is a wooden crate, and behind that is some Pistol ammo.

Level contents Edit

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