The Hybrid (Gray) is a an enemy that appears in Duke Nukem Advance.


Hybrid's resemble the well known grey aliens that are typically seen in popular culture and films and, more or less, have exactly the same appearance and it even has their distinctive features such as smooth grey skin, enlarged head and large eyes. Grays appear to be created as Hybrids by the main alien forces, and are kept in stasis on Earth as a secret weapon against humanity. Alien Controller is a gray, and appears to be their leader.

Combat AnalysisEdit

Like the Octabrainss they have a mental energy attack though it's nowhere near as powerful however what this enemy lacks in attack strength it makes up for in tactical value as it has the ability to revive any enemies the player has killed in its vicinity. Their energy attack does roughly 11 damage per hit.


  • This is the first and so far only enemy in the Duke Nukem franchise to be able to resurrect other enemies that have fallen in combat.
  • The Hybrid is similar to the Archvile in Doom II being able to resurrect  enemies
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