The Inflatable Sea Monster is an enemy exclusive to the expansion pack Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach. It is first encountered in the expansion pack's first level, Caribbean Catastrophe. It is a rubber dragon toy with a Pig Cop in it. They have a bouncing/jumping movement along with a bouncing sound. They show similarity to the Recon Patrol Vehicle also piloted by Pig Cops.

Description Edit

Watch out for this happy-go-lucky sea creature who is really just full of hot air. But be careful, he can pack a punch as he merrily bounces along his way.
- Instruction Manual

The Inflatable Sea Monster aggressively shoots exploding coconuts at its victims with the power of a Coconut Launcher round. Though they hit hard, they are fragile, as a single shot from the Super Soak'em can lay them to waste.

Appearance Edit

The Inflatable Sea Monster is a tire tube with a dragon head. They come in a variety of colors, including blue and yellow. A Pig Cop rides around on this enemy. It appears that the dragon is an object, a toy, but it is rather unclear whether the Pig Cop riding it is real/living or not. This is because when killed, the Pig Cop looks quite wrinkled, crumpled, but also shows a little blood pool.

Combat analysis Edit

The Inflatable Sea Monster spits out coconuts (like the ones used by the Coconut Launcher) which inflict major damage. They fire volleys fast, and given that their coconuts pack quite an explosive punch, this can quickly mean serious trouble.

Health-wise, the Inflatable Sea Monster is incredibly weak, weaker even than the Assault Trooper, and can be taken out by just a couple of squirts from the Water Pistol.

To make up for their low health, the sea monsters fight aggressively. Approach them with caution!

Note Edit

  • This enemy is considered to replace the Enforcer, but is more similar in nature to the RPV. However, the Pig Cop will not leave the sea monster, like they used to catapult from their aircraft.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the Inflatable Sea Monster will always have a Pig Cop riding it, and Pig Cops have 100 health each, this fact has no influence on the health value of this enemy. A theory is that this is because the Pig Cop rider is not wearing any armor.
  • The variety of colors this enemy comes in has no effect on anything except appearance.

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