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The Duke Nukem (GBC) game for the Gameboy Color does not have as many items in Duke Nukem I or II. Some reward points, others boost your strength, and some are vital to your success.

Acess CardsEdit

DNGBC access card1
DNGBC access card2
  • Points given: ??

Needed to get past forcefields. Can come in at least two colours.

Defensive Objects Edit

Invincibility OrbEdit

DNGBC invincibility orb
  • Points given: ??

Give's Duke invincibility, even from falls for a small amount of time. However, bottomless pits are still fatal.

Armor vestEdit

DNGBC armor vest
  • Points given: ??

Armor Vest

Double Damage Edit

DNGBC double damage
  • Points given: ??

Doubles the damage dealt by Duke's weapons for a small period of time.

Health items Edit

Extra Life Edit

DNGBC extra life
  • Points given: ??

Gives Duke an extra life.

Mini-health PackEdit

DNGBC mini-health pack
  • Points given: ??

Duke regains a small amount of his health.

Mega-health PackEdit

DNGBC mega-health pack

Duke regains a larger amount of his health than the mini-pack.

Vehicle-health PackEdit

DNGBC vehicle-health pack
  • Points given: ??
  • Health pack fo0r the tank.

Points-only items Edit

These items award only points, and serve no other purpose.

DNGBC data-orb
  • Data Orb
DNGBC crystal
  • Crystal
DNGBC battery
  • Battery
  • N.U.K.E.M.

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