Jane is a member of the United Babe Resistance who helps Duke Nukem defeat the aliens who have invaded earth and are enslaving the women.

She is saved by Duke Nukem at the very start of the game


Jane is a buxom woman with a slim body, large breasts and black hair, she wears ripped jeans which reveals most of her legs and also sports brown/black gloves, a tight top which reveals the top of her breasts, her chest and her belly and back.

Helping Duke NukemEdit

Jane communicates with Duke Nukem via a SOS (Shades Operating System) device built into Duke Nukem's Sunglasses and advises him on the Mission.

Half way through the game, she is wounded by Silverback's forces but continues to help Duke via the SOS system from UBR HQ.


What happened to Jane after Duke Nukem destroyed the Aliens is unknown, but it is very likely that she is one of the women at the end of the game who sleeps with Duke during "Operation Repopulation"

Trivia Edit

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