Jenny is an EDF undercover agent. She appears in Duke Nukem Advance. She was cloned by aliens under Alien Lord, so there are five Jennys, one original, and four "new".

Description Edit


She first appears in the first Sydney stage in a night club, saying that some "skin has been scraped" off her arm. She was cloned 4 times by the aliens. The clones were placed in the Alien Ship. Duke deducts the aliens used the clones to propagate their species (possibly to create another Alien Queen). All clones have been saved with one of them staying with Duke in the end of the game.

Appearance Edit

She goes undercover as a hooker. Her sprite is nearly identical to the hooker character from Duke Nukem 3D (code FEM3), but with differences. Her hair is blonde while the hooker has brown hair.

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