Ken's Labyrinth is a little demonstration game that comes with the Build engine source code. It was created by Ken Silverman. The game was later completed and published by Epic Games in 1993. It consists of three episodes, the first of which was released as shareware. The source code to the project can now be found on Ken's website.

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The game controls are as following:

  • ESC = Quit
  • Mouse = Movement
  • Arrows = Movement
  • Lt. Enter = Single-player: Play back game.
  • Multi-player: View from other player's eyes.
  • Rt. Enter = Switch between 3D / 2D modes
  • Lt. +/- = Zoom in 2D mode
  • A/Z = Move up and down
  • Left-Ctrl = Shoot
  • 1/2 = Select weapon
  • Left-Shift = Run
  • T = Reset Timing (sets totalclock = 0)
  • V = Change visibility. In BUILD.H there is a visibility variable. It is initialized to 13. It can range from around 8 (darker) to about 15 (lighter).
  • P = Change parallaxing sky mode. (0, 1, and 2 (Default = 2)
  • F12 = Screen capture (saves image as a *.BMP file, starting as file name CAPTUR00.BMP and incrementing by 1 each time F12 is pressed.

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