Land Of Forgotten Toys is the third level in Duke: Nuclear Winter


This is the first level in Duke: Nuclear Winter to be made from scratch. Duke has finally reached the North Pole. The level consists of an outside area with some ledges as well as a few caves. It also includes a wooden cabin with a food storage area underneath where the player can find the Red Access Card. The level is also notable for including a small portion of the first Doom Level when Duke enters a portal; this is where the player can find the Yellow Access Card. There's also a section where Duke has to go through a couple of pitfalls to get the Blue Access Card; Mario can also be seen where the card is. The main objective of this level is to find the three cards to open the three doors blocking the path to the exit and the cards can be found in any order ; once done the player will cross a bridge and then spend a bit of time in an underground area before finishing the level.

Secrets Edit

Secret 1 - At the beginning of the level slightly past the "Land of Forgotten Toys" sign, there is an elevated ice platform; use the wall behind it where the shading is darker to find a chaingun

Easter EggsEdit

  • Mario from the popular mario games can be seen with his back to the player in the area with the Blue Access Card playing Mario Kart.
  • To get the Yellow Access Card Duke will visit a portion of the first Doom Level from the first game in the Doom Series.


  • This is one of the few levels in an official compilation where the player can actually find all three of the access cards at the same time.
  • The section with the pitfalls is a bit similar to the secret level Tier Drops from Shrapnel City as each Pitfall can lead to different locations.
  • First level in the Duke: Nuclear Winter add on to be made from scratch.
  • There is a massive reference to another video game of the same genre hidden in this level, can you find it?

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