Lunar Reactor is the seventh level of Lunar Apocalypse in the game Duke Nukem 3D.

Summary Edit

Continuing on from the door Duke Nukem reached at the end of Tiberius Station, he is now exploring another section of the space station. Lunar Reactor is quite a large level with various sections. All of the main sections lead through the center that Duke will have to go through a couple of times, resistance will often build up in the center of the level after Duke performs different actions. The sections are quite diverse in this level such as a bathroom, sleeping quarters, a sector on the moon, a slime river and of course what the level is named after, the reactor itself.

Secrets Edit

  1. After heading outside, there is a secret door to your left, containing health and chaingun ammo.
  2. In the place where you need to flip a switch to get through two crushing doors, instead, run to the alcove visible slightly to the right. Turn around, and open the corner wall to retrieve an atomic health.
  3. Outside, there is a small cave. It is located directly below the gun turret. Although the jetpack is safer, it doesn't require it. You need a lot of health first. If you run (not jump) toward the rock face in front of you from the high ledge and hold forward, you can make it. It contains a shrinker, and an easter egg.
  4. If you can climb on top of the collapsing vent past the yellow key, you may be able to jump into the cave to the left. You can get armor and atomic health there.
  5. In the red key room, open one of the computer panels to retrieve a holoduke.
  6. In the reactor core area, there is a raised platform on the right.
  7. In the reactor core area, there is a raised platform on the left.

Trivia Edit

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Easter eggs Edit

  • At the start of the map, there is a lavatory. The leftmost toilet cubicle has a message on the wall: "BITE ME"
  • Luke Skywalker is hung from his legs in the outdoor secret. When Duke sees him he says "Now this is a force to be reckoned with."
  • There is a hidden jetpack at the bottom of the big chasm area. To obtain it, jump down near the rocks and use the laser trip bomb trick.
  • AHB can be found on the map.

Achievements (Megaton Edition only) Edit

Duke, Use The Force!: Get to secret #3 (see above list) to unlock this achievement.

Speedrun Edit

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