This is the walkthrough for Lunar Reactor; the seventh level in Lunar Apocalypse. This is based on Let's Rock.

Walkthrough Edit

You start off in the tiny little red room in front of you is a door and behind you is the door from Tiberius Station but you obviously can't go through that. Exit the room (grab the shotgun in a small door right after stepping out), and then turn on the lights via the nearby switch; advance further up, destroy any aliens you encounter and go down the left hallway which has a big "04" on the wall. This is the only door that isn't locked. There are four different hallways in total in this area; the one you were just in, the red and yellow access card hallway, the blue access card hallway and the bathroom hallway. You'll be going through the various hallways a few times in this level.

Anyway the door on the left will lead you into a bathroom but the resistance in here is quite heavy because for one thing an Assault Commander will be waiting for you as soon as you open the door and a couple of Enforcers will be here too. This bathroom will be great for building up your health later as you can drink water from the broken facilities as this level can be quite combat heavy especially on the hard skill and you might even find this quite beneficial just after the battle you recently fought in this area. Anyway, in the third from the left stall, you will encounter another trooper sitting on the toilet. Take him down, and then kick the toilet, as behind it is the blue access card. Take it. There are also some items in the bathroom such as a Portable Medikit.

Exit the bathroom, and go straight down the corridor to the blue access card door which is directly opposite the bathroom door; above the door it says Crew Quarters. Open the door and you'll come into a room but be careful because just further up around the corner is a Mini Battlelord Guarding the door that will take you up to the crew quarters itself;quite early in the level to be fighting one of these, huh? You won't be able to avoid him as he's directly in your path so you'll have to take him out. Once you do you might notice a nearby vent; if you jump into it you'll see an atomic health which you might need; especially after an encounter like that. This level has quite a large vent network that you can explore for goodies but whenever you're ready go through the door the Mini Battlelord was guarding; if you have explored the vent system you'll notice some sections are not open yet but will be later.

On the way up to the crew quarters you'll see a fountain. There are three sections to the crew quarters, the middle with lockers, the left and right are sleeping quarters. The one on the right has a flashing red light in a hole in the wall above a "Danger - Flammable" sign. That's where you'll want to go. The left has nothing aside from some goodies and the middle section has various ammunition you can pick up from the lockers but when you're at the top of the middle section four enforcers will make their way up to stop you in your tracks. Whatever your course of action your next move will be to jump down the hole in the right room.Jump in there, and you will end up in a rather small area at the bottom of that shaft. There is a switch here. It will move the walls in front of you out of the way for a very short amount of time. It's during this time that you need to make your way forward. Don't take too long, or you will get squished. Anyway once you're on the other side make your way into the broken vent.

Going through the second side of the vent will leave you on a ledge overlooking an extremely huge drop. The way to go is to jump to the other side or fly across with a jetpack; the otherside is a ledge significantly lower than the one you're currently standing on so it does make the jump easier. If you jump it will hurt but not enough to take too much health from you. But if you fall and you happen to fall all the way to the bottom of the chasm and not die, there is a jetpack down there on the floor you can find and use to get back up but do keep in mind that unless you have a lot of health and armour you're not likely to survive the fall and will almost always die in most cases. It's advisable you save it before attempting to jump to the lower ledge.

Once you're at the lower ledge; there's a hallway and at the start of it is the Yellow Access Card on the left. Go down the hallway and just when it looks like you can go any further down you need to move back as quickly as possible as a good section of the hallway will collapse killing any troopers that happen to be there and there'll also be an explosion that blows a hole in the wall. Once all these events have happened go through the hole on the right wall. Go through here as quick as possible as there's a brokem part of the floor of the vent that goes over the giant chasm and if you go too slow you'll fall to your death and you'll not want to spend much time here anyway because if any enemies are still alive they'll fire at you and put even more holes in the vent!

When you make it to the top of the vent path, you will find yourself on an area where there is a river of slime. This is actually underneath the path earlier in the level where you fought the Mini Battlelord outside the crew quarters. Make your way down the river of slime after taking out some Octobrains of course . Once at the bottom you will see a rotating gear at the end of the river. That is where you want to go.

Make your way through the gear by going around the left side as going the other way would only result in you being squished. This will leave you in a computer room where you can get the red access card after some Enforcer combat.

Once you get the red access card, you need to make your way back out past the gear. As you make your way back up the slime river, you will see stairs beside the left wall that you might have seen or missed when you came down here. Go up the stairs. At the top is the door you need to use the red access card doing so will lead you back to the hallways you saw at the start of the level and a couple of assault commanders will be there to greet you; kill them. You can now explore the entire vent system if you want. If you did this earlier, you will find several places blocked off that are now opened. There are various healths and ammunition in the vent system for you to find if you wish. Once you're done looking around make your way to the Yellow Access Card door that says; reactor core above it; this door is just to the right when you came through the red access card door.

Going through this door will reveal several things, but the most immediate problem is yet another Mini Battelord and on a harder skill you would have to fight two. Take him out as ignoring him would only result in heavy damage. There's a stairwell that can you can go up or down; whatever you do you'll always find some enforcers waiting. You don't have to go up at all but if you want health and items you should and also up there you'll be able to look at the reactor room through the windows; the upper room is also a good stragetic point. Anyway when you take the stairs all the way down you'll find a door, open it and then come into the main reactor room which is quite dark but just to the right of the door you came through is a light switch which you should flick. The control area is on the far side of the room but when you get close a lot of enforcers will spawn. The upper room you might have explored earlier is a good vantage point to retreat to if you want to throw pipebombs at some of them or shoot them.

When all the combat dies down you can make your way to the control area; you'll see two switchs. The one on the left is another light switch and the other drops the central tower, revealing the reactor itself; of course you can flick these switches during the combat if you like just as long as you stay alert and take out the enforcers at the controls first.

You now need to destroy the reactor core with an explosive weapon;preferably the RPG but when you fire the round you need to take cover as the explosion will certainly take a lot of your health and has a good chance of killing you. After the explosion has stopped you'll notice a door has opened behind the controls and an assault commander will be waiting there. Alternatively you can if you like destroy the reactor core from the upper room which is undoubtedly the safest option but you need to aim with the mouse as you'd most likely miss where you're suppose to hit otherwise but either way the upper room is perfect as you'll not get hurt up there and plus the assault commander is unlikely to have a chance to surprise you. Another alternative thing you can do when the enforcers first spawn in the reactor room is rush for the reactor switch as fast as possible but don't hang around too long as there are four enforcers at the control panel itself and if you're fast enough you'll take little or no damage as you run up to the upper room then shoot the reactor from the window and the resulting explosion might take away quite a lot of their health and save you some ammunition but keep in mind they'll be backed up by the nearby Assault Commander if you go down as well as the fact the damage they take depends on where they were so there's a chance some might not have been damaged at all so this might not always work but any caught in the bulk of the explosion should be quite low on health. Oh and there's also some atomic health at the remains of the reactor core.

Anyway go through the door that has recently opened; you will want to go down this hallway towards the mirror. However, once you pass a certain point, the hallway will start exploding behind you. This is bad, because there's an assault commander guarding the door while all this is happening, so you need to quickly deal with him and the shrinker is undoubtedly the best and easiest way, and then wait by the door that is around the corner of the hallway. You don't want to open it quite yet, because there is yet another assault commander guarding the exit so get a suitable weapon ready open the door and kill him then proceed to the exit in the small red room he was in. Once you hit the exit it's now onto Dark Side.


  • In the room with the Reactor Core when the Enforcers first spawn if you're fast enough you can flick the switch at the control panel to reveal the core and escape from the room without suffering much damage but don't hang around too long as there are four enforcers at the control panel itself. Blast the reactor core from the window of the nearby upper room and the resulting explosion will take a way a lot of their health which will save you ammo when you go down to them again. This is good in those cases when you don't have much ammunition but this stragety might not always work as it will depend on where the enforcers are in the room and some could be at full health.
  • When the enforcers first spawn you can retreat to the upper room and use it as a vantage point to kill them which would reduce your health loss and there's also a fountain up there too. This is the most reliable stragety. You can also use this stragety after blowing up the reactor core (see above tip)

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