Magnum P.I.G. is a variation of the Pig Cop exclusive to Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown and its exclusive episode, Plug 'N' Pray. This Pig Cop wanders the disco in the final level of Plug 'N' Pray.


It seems that Pig Cops do like discos or disco music, because they can be found in bars/discos several times in Duke Nukem games. This enemy may be a nod to this fact: they are a reggae- or disco-styled Pig Cop. He has a different hairstyle, small and round sunglasses, clothing with orange and white spots. He still has a Shotgun and a police vest, though. They have short, torn jeans and tennis shoes instead of boots.

There is a max total of twelve Magnum P.I.G.s on the highest difficulty setting: the first two are found inside a small room with nothing interesting inside, and the rest of them are all found at the major dance floor of the disco. This second pack will attack Duke all at once with some Enforcers, trying to prevent the player from get the yellow card and reach the CyberKeef. They are the last attempt to stop Duke before the boss himself.

The low number of these enemies is probably because the Ministry of Fear level is shorter than the rest of the chapter, and, interestingly, if the player make it to find the secret red card, it's possible to skip this enemy entirely. In fact, the safest and fastest way to go through the level is avoiding this battle.


  • The name is a pun on the television show detective, Magnum P.I.
  • On the walls in Ministry of Fear, there are blue posters of a Pig Cop, with the text 'Notorious P.I.G.'.
  • The Magnum P.I.G is also silent and doesn't make any groans or grunting and it's shotgun also wont make a fire sound but you do hear it's reloading sound.


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