The Master Chief's Power Armor from the Halo series makes a cameo in Duke Nukem Forever in the level "Vegas in Ruin" when Duke comes to the street an EDF soldier tells Duke Nukem that his green power armor is ready to go and Duke replies "Power Armor is for Pussies" thus pointing out that anyone wearing Power armor isnt a Real Man .


The Master Chiefs Armor in DNF

There were some gags running around the Halo series during DNF's development time that the Master Chief could in fact be Duke Nukem wearing armor and the power armor in DNF backed up the gag.


  • Even though this is the same power armor that the Master Chief wears in the Halo series, the helmet of this set of armor has The Nuke Logo on the visor thus refencing the gag in the Halo series that the Master Chief could have been Duke.

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