The Missile Launcher is a weapon exclusive to Duke Nukem 64 that replaces the Devastator. Since the RPG was replaced with the Grenade Launcher, the Missile Launcher is the weapon which carries the missiles. It is almost identical to the RPG, although sightly slower (the same fire rate as the Shotgun). The player can carry as much ammunition as a RPG, 50, getting 5 missiles per item.

It is first found on the level The Abyss.

Unlike its counterpart, the Missile Launcher has the ability to launch homing missiles, dealing the same damage as the unguided missiles. This is obviously advantageous when taking down a very mobile enemy such as an RPV which usually avoids incoming fire. The maximum amount is 25, half of the default ammunition.

Duke Nukem 64 Missle Launcher For Nintendo 64 Replacing Devastator from Duke Nukem 3D

Missile Launcher

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