Mission Cockroach is the second episode in LameDuke.


This level starts in a small river under some bridges, then goes into an underground subway system, then goes into a Sewer where the Player finds and Elevator that transports you to E2L2


A sewer level, which is thankfully short.


The player ends up in a power-generating building. They need to blow up a generator (ala the sidescroller games) and Lunar Reactor) in order to complete the level.


An urban level featuring barriers made out of “cars” (actually a wall with a photo of a car pasted on it) and a crude version of the Capitol Records Building in LA.


A generic sewer/water treatment plant place. Nothing special.


A very early hotel with a sewer system underneath it. The sewer system is longer and more detailed than the actual hotel.


The player starts in a posh seaside house’s pool, then enters an underground base via the fireplace.


This level normally crashes because it was complied for an old version of BUILD. It can be accessed by changing the map’s format to version 5. It is a very early version of Overlord’s “waterfall” room. The textures are completely different, but the geometry is the same as the final’s.

Episodes Mrr Caliber | Mission Cockroach | Suck Hole | Hard Landing
Items Holoduke | Jetpack | Oxygen Tank | Shield | Steroids
Health: Soda Can | Six-pack
Weapons Tazer | Pistol | Plasma Cannon | Pipe Bomb | RPG | Sonic Resonator
Enemies Bat | Captain | Drone | Drone 2 | Mandroid
Jellyfish | Protozoid Slimer | Shark | Trooper | Turret

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