Mrr Caliber is the first episode in LameDuke. Judging by the intermission screen, the episode is supposed to take place in a space station, but about five levels in, the episode suddenly shifts to a city theme, which is similar to the city theme seen in L.A. Meltdown and Shrapnel City.


This level starts with Duke.


This level is notable for featuring trains that work just like the ones in the final game.


Another space station, but this level has a neat section with butchering tables, some of them with blood pouring off of them, and a hook texture (with the occasional dismembered human arm on them) not seen in the final game.


Notable only because this level marks one of the few appearances the Jellyfish makes in Lameduke. Otherwise, another generic space station.


This level marks E1’s sudden change to a city theme. This level takes place in an above ground subway system that lets the player explore some sort of sewer/water treatment place.


Now this is where things get interesting. E1L6 is a huge city level that the player can freely explore. It has a few bars, a bare bones hotel, and several towers for the player to explore. A lot of elements from the final’s city levels can be traced back to this map. Tower shown is the famous landmark US Bank Tower in Los Angeles.


E1L7 has the player climb a tower seen in E1L6, which has suddenly gotten a lot larger between E1l6 and E1L7. The area is filled to the brim with Drones and elevators.


E1L8 is the last level in Episode 1. This level places the player on the roof of the building that they were scaling in E1L7. A brush-based Boss Spaceship is in this level, along with several Mandroid cohorts, but the ship does nothing. Notable because it’s the only level where the Mandroid type enemy will move and attack the player.


Normally, this level cannot be accessed because it uses an old version of the BUILD level format (v4, while the rest of Lameduke uses v5). However, thanks to a map converter built by Ken Silverman, it can be accessed. It appears to be a re-textured and smaller version of the first test level included with Ken Silverman’s test game for BUILD.

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