Wall-Mouated Laser Trip Bomb

This episode "Cosmic Wastelands" is a beta version of episode "Lunar Apocalypse". This episode name was used in v0.60 and v0.99 of Duke Nukem 3D. These versions have some differences from v1.0\v1.1. All of these versions have a scraped weapon Flamethrower and don't have the FreezeThrower or Devastator. FreezeThrower and Devastator start from the released v1.3d version of Duke Nukem 3D. One more difference, Laser Tripbombs in older versions are known as "Wall Mouated Laser Trip Bomb", a name with more characters than todays name.

V0.60 was never released by 3D Realms. V0.99 exists but just the shareware version, but that version can play User maps. On youtube exists a video"DN3D Mod based on old version 0.99\v1.0. If someone can post link for download on my talk page or talk page of this page. Here's video:
Eduke32 - DN3D mod based on old versions 0.99,1.0..02:32

Eduke32 - DN3D mod based on old versions 0.99,1.0...

Duke Nukem 3D V.60 on Eduke32

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