A PigCorp is an enemy in Duke Nukem: Land Of The Babes. Aside from the name change it's basically the game's version of the iconic Pig Cop that has appeared in every Duke Nukem game ever since it was introduced in Duke Nukem 3D.


It resembles a muscular humanoid boar and it has glowing red eyes. Though basically the same as a Pig Cop the blue police outfit it wears is noticeably different and it also wears a white riot helmet. It's weapon of choice is a combat shotgun which means he's quite dangerous up close and is best taken out from a distance. When killed 6 hit points will be added to the players health if it was lower than 100 at the time. In addition the PigCorp will sometimes drop used armour and combat shotgun ammo.

A PigCorp trying to sneak up on Duke during a cutscene.

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