The Plasma Cannon is a weapon exclusive to Duke Nukem 64 that replaces the Freezethrower. It fires plasma blasts with a strength similar to the Freezethrower, although the player can hold the fire button down in order to concentrate a very strong shot. Someone who is killed by a plasma shot will disintegrate.

It requires one or two plasma shots to kill an Assault Trooper. The projectile is faster than a missile, although slower than a Shrinker shot. The impact of a plasma blast is small, when uncharged. A charged shot at maximum is enough to take almost all health from a Mini Battlelord (usually requiring a few more shots to kill it). As the damage of a charged shot increases, its explosion radius also increases. Strangely, a 90% charged shot will be visually identical to an normal shot, and there are only visible differences other than damage and radius at 100%.

While holding the fire button to charge a shot, the player will automatically destroy any Protozoid Slimer that approaches him.

Plasma Cannon In Duke Nukem 64 For Nintendo 64 That Replaces The Freezethroower In Duke Nukem 3D

Plasma Cannon


  • The Plasma Cannon charged shot is somewhat similar to the BFG9000 from Doom.
  • In multiplayer, if you activate Godmode right after being killed by the Plasma Cannon, that player will return as a completely black silhouette of Duke. This effect wears off if they are killed again.
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