The Plasma Cannon is a weapon in LameDuke. It is an energy-based gun that fires plasma balls at enemies.


The Plasma Cannon fires powerful plasma balls at a fast rate of fire.

Tips and TricksEdit

The Plasma Cannon is one of the best weapons in LameDuke. Its high damage and fast rate of fire can kill even a strong enemy like the Captain in a second. It’s the perfect weapon for players than want to kill enemies quickly, but don’t want to trigger the “gib” animation that the RPG does when it kills an enemy.

The only real downside to the Plasma Cannon is that the player starts a level with 120 rounds of ammo, which can be quickly eaten up if the player uses it on everything.


The Plasma Cannon’s sprite was modified to be the Chaingun Cannon’s sprite in the final game. The only modifications done between the Plasma Cannon and the Chaingun Cannon was the top of the gun was changed from one barrel to three and the bar code on Duke’s hand was removed.


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