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These are the quotes from the 1991 game Duke Nukem I, also known as "Duke Nukum".

Episode 1: Sharpnel CityEdit


Dr. Proton: "So you're the pitiful hero they sent to stop me. I, Dr. Proton, will soon rule the world!"

Duke Nukem: "You're wrong, Proton breath. I'll be done with you and still have time to watch Oprah!"


Dr. Proton: "You may have defeated me on Earth, but on the moon I can make plans for my ultimate attack!"

Duke Nukem: "Proton, you coward! You can run but you can't hide!"

Dr. Proton: "Once my forces are together, I'll be back to rule Earth."

Duke Nukem: "Not if I can stop you first... Here I come!"

Episode 2: Mission MoonbaseEdit


Dr. Proton: "So Duke, you managed to find my secret moonbase. My techbots will soon be the end of you."

Duke Nukem: "You're techbots were beaten on earth and I'll defeat them here. Your terror will soon end."


Dr. Proton: "Duke, your lucky ways annoy me. I see now how to best to be rid of your pesky presence."

Duke Nukem: "There is no place to hide from me. Running back to Earth will not save you."

Dr. Proton: "But escaping to Earth's future will! Then my techbot army can build and return victorious!"

Duke Nukem: "Not if I can find a way to stop you...Even if I have to follow you into the future...!"

Episode 3: Trapped in the Future!Edit


Dr. Proton: "Now that I've warped to Earth's future, Duke the Fluke cannot stop me."

Duke Nukem: "I need to find Dr. Proton's time machine or Earth is doomed!"


Duke Nukem: "Finally, Earth is free from Dr. Proton and his techbot menace."

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