Source Ports are versions of a game that have been modified to allow it to run on a different platform. For Duke Nukem 3D, a number of source ports are available to make the game compatible with modern OS's, most commonly Windows.

  • EDuke32 – EDuke32, a port to Windows/Linux/x86_64/Mac OS X. Most actively updated and advanced port.
  • Chocolate Duke3D – Chocolate Duke3D, a port of Windows/Linux/MacOS X. Aims to emulate vanilla gameplay similar to Chocolate Doom.
  • JFDuke3D – JFDuke3D, by JonoF. Port to Windows/Linux/Other.
  • Duke3d_w32 – Rancidmeat port to Windows.
  • nDuke - nDuke , a port to Windows based in xDuke 19.7.1 having newschool functions for online play.
  • hDuke - hDuke , a port to Windows based in xDuke 19.7.1 have better functions to play online.
  • xDuke – xDuke, a port to Windows. Commonly used to play Netgames.
  • – Icculus' port to BeOS/FreeBSD/Linux/Mac OS X/Solaris/Windows/Other.

Notice none of these ports will run by themselves; you must have actually purchased the game for some of the necessary files (or at least have the shareware version) to play the game.

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