Stadium is the ninth and final level of Shrapnel City in Duke Nukem 3D. It features the boss fight with the one-eyed schnook, Cycloid Emperor.

Summary Edit

Duke begins on an elevator that rises to the center of a football stadium. Occupying the stadium is the Cycloid Emperor.

Map Edit

The map is pretty much basic design as it only consists of a medium Rugby Ball stadium with Cycloid Emperor being the only enemy present. There'll be female cheerleaders cheering on both sides. The outside boundaries of stadium features ammunition and items. There's a large Blimp flying over the stadium which can be destroyed, in which it will reward the player with Ammunition, health and items.

Secrets Edit

Shooting the blimp with the RPG will cause it to explode, showering the area with ammo and other goodies.

Trivia Edit

  • This level is the smallest level in the game. It is also the simplest, being little more than a straightforward rectangular area.
  • This is the only boss level in which the only thing that happens is fighting the boss enemy. There is no exploration beforehand.
  • The level appears to continue on from the elevator at the end of Freeway - it doesn't appear to be significantly linked to the previous level Hotel Hell.
  • This level is referenced a few times in Duke Nukem Forever as near the start Duke Nukem is playing through a level in a game which recreates this level and the fight with the Cyloid Emperor. (see Duke Lives) A picture of this level can also be seen in Duke Nukem Forever (See Damn! It's late....)
  • In Duke Nukem Forever, it's revealed the Cycloid Emperor's eye (See Damn! It's late....) was later put in the Duke Museum; it can be seen in a display cabinet and says he was defeated in 1996; the same year Duke Nukem 3D came out.
  • The boss will only start moving once the elevator reaches the surface. So if you wanted to gain a bit of extra time, as soon as the level loads, fire up your Jetpack and hold down the jump button.

Easter eggs Edit

  • The "Duf Beer" blimp is a reference to The Simpsons, which features the drink Duff Beer.

Speedrun Edit

No speed-run is possible on this level, considering that the only objective is to fight the boss. Some players defeat the boss faster by using kicks while shooting simultaneously.

Screenshots Edit

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