This is the walkthrough for Stadium, the ninth and final level in the episode Shrapnel City in Duke Nukem 3D.

Walkthrough Edit

After rising to the stadium on the elevator, shoot the Cycloid Emperor until it dies because that's pretty much the only major event in this level since this entire level is centred around beating him since nothing else happens in this level. Try to stay on the move during the conflict as the Cycloid Emperor will fire rocket barrages as well as mental blasts which is the equivalent of lots of Octabrains firing at you which can kill you quickly if you aren't careful. Of note the Cycloid Emperor will immediately fire rockets if you hit him with any weapon so he may not get to use the Mental Blast against you that much as you'll constantly be firing at him since he appears to use them in anger as well as normal engagements. The Mental Blasts are used at shorter ranges but at longer distances he will fire rockets; just remember that will he will also fire rockets at shorter ranges if you hit him with any weapon too.

In addition to the Cycloid Emperor, there are 4 Assault Troopers and 4 cheerleaders at the beginning, and 2 Assault Commanders that spawn if the cheerleaders get killed in the crossfire. If you stay around the area with the Assault Troopers, the Cycloid Emperor's rockets will most likely kill them for you. The same might happen for the Assault Commanders, but standing near them is much riskier.

A variety of weapons and other equipment are scattered around the field. They are:

Ammo for each of these weapons may also be found.

After you defeat the Cycloid Emperor; as Duke promised the last thing that goes the Cycloid Emperors mind is Dukes Size 13 Boot. Duke finally gets to go on Vacation at least till the Alien Queen Emerges along with more alien forces.

Tips Edit

  • Destroy the Duf blimp in the sky (with an explosion) to cause a massive rain of guns and goodies. You must shoot it while airborne, however, as it is out of range when on the ground.

Other features Edit

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Level contents Edit

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