Suck Hole is the third episode in LameDuke. The episode starts out with Duke in a jail, presumingly captured after something happened in E2L7. After breaking free, he boards a large ship and then travels to an oil rig. Inside the oil rig, he goes down an elevator that leads to an underwater base, which has some sort of alien growth in it. There is no ending for the episode.


The player starts the episode in a jail cell. After getting out, they need to press a long series of switches inside the jail in order to open the front doors, which lead to the ocean.


Basically a prototype version of Derelict without most of the details in the final level.


Somehow, Duke manages to get onto an oil rig. An elevator inside this level leads to an underwater base.


The first part of the underwater base area. This level features long rock tunnels.


More adventures in rock tunnels, but a hub that has elevators in it leads to rooms with a strange pink fleshy texture not seen anywhere else in Lameduke.


A barebones level featuring various man-made tunnels and windows that let the player look at water. This water can be accessed via pools in the level.


Another bare-bones level, but this one is based on fiddling around with conveyor belts and cranes.


This filler map is nothing more than Overlord’s “waterfall” room without the alien textures on it.

Episodes Mrr Caliber | Mission Cockroach | Suck Hole | Hard Landing
Items Holoduke | Jetpack | Oxygen Tank | Shield | Steroids
Health: Soda Can | Six-pack
Weapons Tazer | Pistol | Plasma Cannon | Pipe Bomb | RPG | Sonic Resonator
Enemies Bat | Captain | Drone | Drone 2 | Mandroid
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