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The Birth is the fourth and final episode in Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. This episode is not available in the original version of Duke Nukem 3D. It is set in a variety of fairly unrelated places. Secret footage shows a woman giving birth to... something ugly, surrounded by a herd of not-seen-before aliens. After seeing this, Duke sets off from the secret missions facility, through a fast food restaurant, a theme park and a post office, towards an alien spaceship and the Alien Queen. The Birth is also included in the Megaton Edition.

It's Impossible Edit

If it really was "mission impossible", why are there so many of them? Surely it should be "mission quite difficult but give me a while and I'll come up with something".

You'll need that jetpack. You also get to see your first Protector Drone.

One of the hardest ones to start out on because you have almost no ammo and a lot of things shooting at you right from the start.

Duke-Burger Edit

A level that involves going into a Duke Nukem themed restaurant. Nice jab at the fast food industry too!

Is that a pig cop in a tank?!

Duke Burger is the secret level in episode one of Duke Nukem 64 (accessed through the Gun Crazy level).

Shop-N-Bag Edit

This map is a shopping center.

Babe Land Edit

'Babe Land' the theme park of course.

Damn, that mouse is annoying.

Protector Drone infested this one.

Pigsty Edit

A police station under attack from aliens.

This map contains the secret exit which is behind the portrait of George Washington. This takes Duke to Area 51.

Area 51 (secret level) Edit

The only secret level in The Birth, which is accessible from the secret exit in Pigsty.

Because it wouldn't be Area 51 if there weren't a horde of aliens lurking around.

In Duke Nukem 64, it is accessed through the Movie Set level.

Going Postal Edit

Not surprising, but this one's a post office.

Have you noticed those letters just go round in one big circle?

Save your ammunition for the finale.

XXX-Stacy Edit

Yes, quite.

A mission that goes by far too quickly.

Pornography production. Enough said.

Critical Mass Edit

A rather linear romp through some sort of station.

Nice effect at the end though.


Like the level 'Dark Side', this level is massive.

Have fun here shooting the crap out of this jam-packed ship were there are Protector Drones around every corner. Chuck some mini Battlords in there to make things worse.

The Queen Edit

The boss level. This is one queen you'd rather not visit. Tons of Protector Drones, too!!!