Tier Drops is the tenth level and the first secret level in Shrapnel City in Duke Nukem 3D. The exit leading to it can be found in Movie Set. This level is not present in the Duke Nukem 64 port.

Summary Edit

Tier Drops is one of the most unusual levels in Duke Nukem 3D since it was originally intended for Dukematches and because of this there's no structured path to complete it. Tier Drops consists of an outer hallway and four individual rooms in the center; each of the rooms has their own different look and feel. As well as using the hallway to get to the different rooms each of the rooms has three tubes that lead to the other rooms; the tube is colored to give an indication on what room you'll end up in and the tubes or "drops" are what this level is named after and each room does have a fourth tube too but you need to use the Jetpack to get up it.

Secrets Edit

This level is one giant square, and in each of the four corners of the hallway is a secret. Go to each of the four corners, and you will see a wall on each of the top platforms you can open. Press the wall and you will get a secret and ammunition. The secrets in this level are basically the same. Repeat this at each corner to get them all

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only level where all secrets are identical as they can each be found in the same way but do offer different ammunition.
  • If Duke shoots the Babes in the Delta Room, it will cause Battlelord Sentries to spawn; this is unique as throughout every other level, a weaker enemy would spawn if a babe was killed.

Tips/tricks Edit

<insert tips and tricks here>

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