This is a walkthrough for Tier Drops the first secret level in Shrapnel City. This is based on let's rock


This is quite a short walkthrough due to only visiting one room in the level being necessary to get to the exit but of course you can visit the other areas if you wish and the level is more fun if you visit the other areas; especially for first time players that want to see everything in the level before completing it. Anyway this level starts with a door in front of you . Hit the switch to the right of the door and head out. When you open the door, you don't have to go into the room right in front of you, take a left to go straight to the room with the exit.

You will come across a sign that says "Beta". Jump up there, and make your way to the Beta room which is a room with lava in it. Enter the room, and deal with the Assault Commander that's in there. Once you've done that, make your way up the central column via the ramp you'll have seen on the way in.

Once at the top, grab the Devastator that is up here; you'll also see two doors with a Battlelord image on them. The exit is behind them but so is a Mini Battlelord. Take him out; you'll also notice at the exit there are three atomic healths that you can take before hitting the exit. That's about it for taking the path to complete this level and it's now onto Rabid Transit.

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