Tunnel Vision is the 11th level in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  1. Move forward through the tunnel. Kill the enemies on the road, and keep moving. Head through the tunnel with the green light above it, and kill the enemies.
  2. Go down the road until a door opens on the right, with a green light over it. Head in there, and clear out the enemies.
  3. Get back on the road, and head towards the next part of the tunnel. Two Enforcers with shields, and a Commander will attack. Defeat them, and the tunnel door will close. They’ll start to blow the tunnels, so help Dylan open the garage door.
  4. Get in the short bus, and start driving down the road. Dodge rockets, gaps, and explosions while you are speeding out of the tunnel.
  5. Jump the bus out of the tunnel, but be sure to do it in slow motion.

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