The Underwater Drone is an enemy featured in Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown exclusively in the Plug 'N' Pray episode's Trackside Tragedy level. It is a very short-lived enemy: on the maximum difficulty level there is a total of five of these enemies and they are all found in the same underwater area, which can be acessed near the beginning of the level.

Their attack is the same as the Sentry Drone, they will try to kill Duke by ramming into him and exploding in the process. Their appearance is decidedly different from the sentry drones, though, with an artificial sharkskin built around the chassis, complete with a dorsal fin, and impeller jets on the back instead of anti-grav units, to allow them to maneuver around underwater.

Also, another enemy robot similar to the Underwater Drone makes an appearance in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. In it is a red color and will home in on Duke, firing torpedoes.

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