Urea 51 is an exclusive bonus level in the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D. It is accessed via the main level Fahrenheit.

How to access Urea 51: In Fahrenheit you'll notice the TV station now has a bathroom with two toilet cubicles - one is just a regular toilet, the other, which is locked, contains a teleporter which takes you to the secret exit to Urea 51. To acess the teleporter you must go to the area where you get the blue access card and use the red key, blow up the crack in wall and jump through to the exit but don't press it; instead go back to the TV station and the cubicle will now be open. Walk through the teleporter and you'll be transported to a long hallway with a row of toilets on each side. The exit is on the end wall.

Urea 51 is small level in which duke is carried along by a crane through a series of rooms until the end in which you must jump into a giant toilet.

The same amount of enemies spawn regardless of difficulty - 8 Assault Troopers, 8 Turrets, 2 Assault Commanders and 1 Assault Captain.

Trivia Edit

  • This level has received notably negative reception. It has been cited as short and lackluster.
  • This map uses licensed soundtrack. The music used is "Desolation Sound" by Madcap.