Duke has a vast amount of weapons at his disposal in Duke Nukem 64. There are 10 weapons, just like in Duke Nukem 3D, although some of Duke's guns in Duke Nukem 3D have been replaced with other weapons. Some weapons have alternate types of ammunition as well.


  • Capacity: 192 (200 in Duke Nukem 3D).
  • The Pistol can be loaded with more powerful Dum Dum rounds, along with regular rounds.


  • Capacity: 50 (unchanged).
  • The Shotgun has 2 ammo types: regular shells and high-explosive shells.

Sub Machine Guns

Grenade Launcher

  • Capacity: 48 (replaces the RPG).

Pipe Bombs

  • Capacity: 50 (unchanged).


  • Capacity: 66 (50 in Duke Nukem 3D).


  • Capacity: 99 (50 in Duke Nukem 3D)

Missile Launcher

  • Capacity: 50 (replaces the Devastator).
  • The Missile Launcher has 2 ammo types: regular missiles and heat-seeking missiles.

Laser Tripbomb

  • Capacity: 10 (unchanged).

Plasma Cannon

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