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Wozma is the secret boss in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. It is encountered in the third and last part of the final chapter Orbital Oblivion. In order to reach it, the player first must have unlocked the X-3000 by collecting all Nukes in Hard difficulty. Then you must replay the final level of the game and collect all Nukes there. After making your way to Morphix's huge Duke cyborg, when you are at its left arm, go near the path in front of it, and you will be taken to the secret area containing Wozma, which appears to be a very tall trapezoid-shaped stone, with the background switching between a view of the Earth from space and the New York City skybox from the first chapter.

Wozma is a large green sphere, presumably out of G.L.O.P.P. It has a humongous health bar and all of the attack methods the regular mutants do, including G.L.O.P.P. spits and heat missiles. However, once you enter the area, you have infinite ammo. This doesn't really reconcile your really low health (ego) in comparison, though.

For a long time, it appeared to be a well-kept secret. A GameFAQs post in March 2008[1] shows someone asking for info about it, which only got one reply asking what is it. Finally, in May 2009, a YouTube user made a video showing how to get there [2], almost exactly seven years after the game was released. It has spread around since then.

The fight Edit

As stated before, Wozma's health is huge and once in the area, you are granted infinite ammo, which doesn't help much, but is needed anyway. Due to Wozma's ability to use other mutants' attacks, this can be quite a threat, as often it will fire heat missiles which follow you to a certain extent. Basically, it's a virtually undefeatable ball of destruction. A low quality video exists of someone beating Wozma, uploaded in late May 2010[3], which shows that defeating it simply redirects you back to the cyborg chamber. How anticlimactic.

Trivia Edit

  • Wozma appears to be a reference to Ozma from Final Fantasy IX'.

References Edit


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